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a solo guitarist with a voice to match his covers of Cat Stevens, James Taylor and Crosby, Stills & Nash songs. Although the repertoire is varied, it hews to '60s and '70s pop rock. - Sun Sentinel

down to earth, unpretentious acoustic music with agreeable vocals. - CD Baby

not your stereotypical minstrel wandering around South Florida. - Palm Beach Post

dead-on solo covers of unorthodox stylists like Neil Young and James Taylor. - City Link


Jason is available as a solo, duo, trio , or full 4 piece band. Also, arrangements can be made for special performances at private parties,schools, nursing homes,day care centers,children's shelters, and rehabilitation centers. For these shows, send an email to

Jason also performs tribute shows featuring the music of Harry Chapin or Neil Young.

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Nice write up about our set at The Delray Affair
thanks to Jeff Richman at
Jeff Eats


Palm Beach Post article - 12/12/08
"Guitarist throwback to time when he was just an infant"
By Bill Meredith

Consider the title of singer/guitarist Jason Colannino's debut CD, Since 1969, and his Woodstock-heavy songlist of cover tunes, and you might think 1969 was the year he started his career as a singer/songwriter.

Rather, the Boynton Beach-based musician is an old soul who was actually born that year, yet became profoundly affected by the music of that era. He knows more than 100 songs by Neil Young alone; 50 more from the Crosby, Stills and Nash catalog (including their solo efforts), and another 50 by Harry Chapin.

Throw in dozens more each by James Taylor, Pink Floyd, Simon and Garfunkel, The Who and The Beatles, and Colannino's list becomes a scroll. The New Jersey native has played regularly in South Florida since relocating in 1992, and also has a couple dozen original tunes between his debut, the 2004 follow-up Piece of the Sun, and newer material.

Between several weekly gigs, either solo or with his working band (with guitarist/vocalist Jeff Chafin, bassist/vocalist Doug Lindsay and drummer/vocalist Jim Loscalzo), the hardest-working man in area show business actually gets a chance to play much of his 600-song catalog.

"I started working with Jeff a couple years ago in a duo," Colannino says. "He was working with Doug and Jim in a high-energy, danceable cover band called Encore. So this whole band's been working with me for about 18 months. Jim sings a lot of Beatles tunes, too, and we've added stuff like Steely Dan, which all those guys know note-for-note."

The same can be said of Colannino, a vocal mimic no matter who he's covering and a formidable guitarist and arranger. Among his impressive solo interpretations is an incredible rendition of every song from The End medley, the classic stretch near the end of the Beatles' Abbey Road album.

See Jason Colannino solo from 6-9 p.m. tonight (and 7:30-10:30 p.m. Dec. 18) at Igot's Martiki Bar, 702 Lake Ave., Lake Worth, (561) 582-4468, and 6:45-9:45 p.m. Saturday (plus 4-7 p.m. Dec. 21) at Elwood's, 301 E. Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach (561) 272-7427. The Jason Colannino Band plays 6-10 p.m. Dec. 19 on the Cultural Plaza stage at Evening On the Avenues in downtown Lake Worth. On the Web: jasoncolannino.com


Palm Beach Post article - 4/21/06

"Jason Colannino plays Delray Affair"
by Bill Meredith

Singer-songwriter Jason Colannino literally knows a scroll of songs as evidenced by the huindreds of covers and two CDs worth of originals listed on his Web site. See one of the hardest working men in local show business from 4:30- 6p.m. today and 4-5:30p.m. Saturday on the Delray Medical Center Stage (on the 300 block of East Atlantic Avenue) at the annual Delray Affair. On the Web www.jasoncolannino.com .


Palm Beach Post article - 10/1/04

"An Everyman Singer"
by Bill Meredith

 If you were searching for a stereotypical singer/songwriter with the right "look," you might pass by New Jersey native Jason Colannino. If you were trying to guess his occupation during a conversation, his understated demeanor might fool you as well.
The Boynton Beach resident doesn't play the starved, tortured model role that lands singer/songwriters in music videos and on magazine covers. He doesn't have the seemingly requisite overactive ego, either, since he understands the importance of not taking himself too seriously. What the everyman singer and guitarist does have is an ability to memorize a thousand cover songs, and an uncanny knack to mimic the singer/songwriters who composed them.

"Harry Chapin is absolutely my primary influence," Colannino says of the late New Yorker (whose concert in the 1970s was the first Colannino ever attended). "Neil Young would be second; third, lately, would be Paul Simon." Colannino practically knows the full catalog of each of these artists, plus the entire sphere of Crosby, Stills & Nash (and that's with or without Young).

Add James Taylor and Cat Stevens; stir, and you have the unique blend displayed by the 10 originals on Colannino's new CD, Piece of the Sun. He recruited me to play drums on seven of the songs, which were recorded at Dream Factory Recording Studios in Boynton and engineered by Corey Dwyer a member of the local bands Crazy Fingers and The Grass Is Dead. Dwyer also plays Hammond organ on one track. The disc also features lead guitarist Andy Stein, vocalist Kim Colannino (Jason's wife), violinist Ginny Williams, and saxophonist Troy Solis. Colannino even plays piano and bass, crediting the latter to his alter-ego, Joe Jersey.

Colannino has worked in South Florida steadily since moving here from New Jersey in 1990, recently adding gigs at rehab facilities and group homes for Lake Worth-based nonprofit organization Inspirit. In addition to all of his above-mentioned versatilities, he can also captivate as a solo artist as well as in duos, trios, and the full-band situation provided by his self-titled group.


 Palm Beach Post article 7/6/01

"Maximum Coverage"
by Bill Meredith

This should be the slogan for vocalist/ guitarist Jason Colannino, just as "Maximum R & B" was for the Who in it's earliest stages. The Boynton Beach singer/guitarist has a list of a few hundred cover songs to choose from plus dozens of originals. Colannino also provides maximum geographical coverage throughout Palm Beach County, with regular stops from Palm Beach Gardens to Delray Beach. The New Jersey native moved to south Florida in 1990; returned home to attend broadcasting school soon after, then came back south in 1992 to play with West Palm Beach band Wooden Nickel. Yet solo performing proved more natural, partially because he couldn't find bandmates who knew his entire song catalog. Colannino released his debut CD, "Since 1969", in 1997 and recorded a follow up in 1999 that's yet to be released because of problems that arose when the recording studio closed. Whenever it's completed, fans will be able to take home the live original favorites that echo all of Colannino's influences. "The reason I'm doing music is Harry Chapin - he was the first concert i ever saw in Asbury Park," Colannino says. And while he knows the catalog of the late folk singer in its entirety, the sam can be said for every original by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, (plus the group sans Young, and each of the four musicians' solo catalogs.) Add material by James Taylor, the Beatles, Tom Petty, America, Eagles, and you have a guy you don't want to play stump the band with.

The new CD "Piece of the Sun", official release plaque.


The Palm Beach Post 5/25/01

"The Summer Concert Season"
(What local musicians are hoping to hear)
by David Thomas

Jason Colannino, acoustic guitarist - singer : James Taylor. I always look forward to seeing him. I saw him in 1997 at Coral Sky (now Mars) and Sunrise in 1994. A lot of people stereotype him as mellow but he has quite a rapport with the audience and a dry sense of humor. He always seems to pull out some interesting covers and sometimes new songs before they get to be released. I take serious notes when I go to a concert. I watch their hands very carefully. That's pretty much how i learned to play everything. I used to see Harry Chapin a lot when i was young. I'm still learning stuff to this day,

Please call (561)236-3423 for rates and availability,
or send an e-mail : jasoncolannino@gmail.com